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If ordering samples, these will be shipped either by 4-72, which is the Colombian postal service, or with FedEx or DHL or similar.
Question 1
Shipping times usually take 7 working days with 4-72 or 5 working days with FedEx or similar.
Question 2
We can either ship in regular plain bag or in our brand.
Question 3.
There are usually no shipping charges for samples.
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From Colombia to the world

Our company receives all types of coffee requests and we aim at being able to solve all queries regarding Colombian coffee.

Highest-quality premium coffee

Private Label Coffee: Our Association can help you launch your Colombian Coffee brand in Colombia. Having a 100% Colombian brand will provide you with a priceless advantage over competition in your country. Your brand will be 100% Colombian, the coffee freshly harvested and roasted in Colombia, 100% printed-in-Colombian coffee bags. And shipped fresh to destination. It cannot get any better.  If you prefer to simply order Colombian Coffee, then it is as simple as placing an order online and waiting for shipment. Do you simple want to buy high-quality Colombian roasted beans in plain bags for you to stick your label in your country? It is an option our Association provides. Ask for samples using online sample form.   All purchases through our Association are 100% secure. If anything goes wrong, we solve it, 100% guaranteed. You will be pleased to know we will help you in every way we can!

Why pick us?

Our company is the best source for Colombian Coffee. We strive to be efficient, best quality and best price.
Khansaa Ruiz, Business Director (
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