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Who we are is a Marketplace for Colombian Coffee Buyers.. ONLY FOR WHOLESALE BUYERS. We are part of the Premium Colombian Coffee Association. Selected Coffee farmers present their best products to the international market. Our Association fulfils and controls all orders to ensure a perfect and risk-free purchase experience. For more details on the Association, please visit or All purchases through our marketplace are covered by our Prime Guarantee. In case of any problem with your order, we guarantee to solve it. Looking to launch your private label? Check out our Private Label Service.


A Colombian Coffee Marketplace

Find a wide variety of the best Colombian coffees direct from Colombian producers, farmers, coffee companies and wholesalers. Skip the intermediaries. It cannot get any fresher, better or cheaper.

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A luxury Colombian Coffee brand, 40 GRANOS

This luxury brand is only for coffee connoisseurs. Only the best hand-selected premium beans are used, freshly harvested and roasted only hours before shipping. From Traditional, to Supremo and the best Specialty Coffees.

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Private Label?

If you want to have your coffee produced and branded in Colombia, we can help you. We are Private Label Specialists with hundreds of clients worldwide.

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If you are looking to impress. Colombian Coffee is the way to go

Whatever type of Colombian coffee you are looking for, we probably have it. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Satisfied Clients (January 2019 Anonymous Online Survey) 98.5%


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Send an email to detailing:
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Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. If you wish for immediate response, you may call our European Sales team. Whatsapp also available: +34-628744644
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Special characteristics about Colombian Coffee

The coffee beans with most savor grow in altitudes. The higher, the more exotic and unique, as also more difficult to pick.

This is the only way to ensure that the coffee beans in your cup of coffee are all in the same state of ripeness. Not too green, not over-ripe. Just perfect.

Colombian coffee is 100% arabica. Robusta and Arabica are two totally different coffee species, of different tastes, qualities and conditions under which they grown. Robusta is a cheap coffee bean. Arabica is the high-quality coffee bean.

Colombian Coffee Tastes:
 There is a wide range of tastes in the Colombian coffee arabica coffees. The taste goes from sweet-soft to sharp-bitter (the higher qualities). The unroasted smell is sometimes similar to blueberries. Their roasted smell is perfumey with fruity notes and sugary tones. Robustas taste range is neutral to harsh and they are often described as tasting grain-like, like oatmeal. The unfrosted small like raw peanuts and the roasted smell similar to burnt rubber.

Colombian Coffee Production Conditions:
Arabicas are delicate, they require cool tropical climates, lots of moisture, rich soil, shade and sun. They are subject to attack from various pests, and are extremely vulnerable to cold and bad handling. Robustas are hardier plants, capable of growing well at low altitudes, less subject to problems related to pests and rough handling. They yield more pounds of finished goods per acre at a lower cost of production.


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